The Journey Continues: Mar. 9, 2018

Yesterday was a full and fulfilling day in several ways.  I mention in the blog about the gentleman who talked with me the night before at Celebrate Recovery.  What I didn’t mention was my conversation (journaling) with God about some dilemmas I’m facing and being stuck in how to handle them.  Hebrews tells me to be patient, have faith and come boldly to the throne of Grace due to Christ’s work for each of us who believe.  So I asked God to take the lead with each of these items giving clarity about my part.  Amazingly, during the day, I was able to address the three most important on the list.  I was able to see clearly what I’m to do and what they are doing with God’s help.  What was startling was that they contacted me rather than me taking the first step.  I know God is like this but there sure are times when I need to be reawakened to just what this “amazing” looks like and what my part is to be.  It is never to try and be God rather than God’s helper.  I don’t want to do that but there are times I find out that I’m attempting to.  Today God tells me to be patient with the other ones on the list for my part in supporting is to be patient.

I had my second shingles shot yesterday so I’m feeling today like a small train hit me.  I felt this way for a day when I had the first one.  I’m not working today so I thought it would be good to get it done.  My three brothers still living and their spouses are coming  for dinner today so I can just be less active anyway.

Hebrews is a book written it seems to help ones like me know if I’m maturing in my walk with God.  If I’m not, it shows me how to know that and if I am it shows that too.  I find it interesting that scholars don’t know who wrote it.  Whoever did sure had clarity of mind about how to walk with God and grow in this walk.  Patience, faith, trust are just a few of the characteristics God outlines in this book.  I’m paying close attention for I know God is nudging me big time as I read it.  God is a great teacher as well as God.

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