The Journey Continues: Mar. 10, 2018

It is so pretty outside I can hardly stand being inside.  It is only in the low 30’s however so I’ll wait a little so the sun can do it’s work before I go and do mine.  The greenhouse is yelling to me today.  I think we will have a good time together bonding.

Yesterday was a remarkable day.  My brothers and spouses were coming for an early afternoon dinner.  I was wanting to get some outside work done ahead of them arriving.  It was overcast and rain predicted.  I wanted to take advantage of it since I was putting sterilant down to keep weeds from growing where I never want anything growing.  In the midst of doing this I got a call from a friend from Celebrate Recovery.  We talked for over an hour and I was telling myself this was more important than this yard work.  However, as only God does, I finished the call, and finished the work before anyone arrived.  It sounds silly but God is just like that when we are doing what He wants us to take time to do.  As spring arrives I truly have to keep this in mind for yardwork is always a priority and I know God doesn’t want me substituting it for His Kingdom Work.

Each time our family of brothers get together I find myself having some residual effects.  Yesterday while journaling to God I asked Him what I should do in preparation of their coming?  He seemed to say to listen to them and see where I’m included in their conversations.  This morning as I reflected on this I found I wasn’t included in what they talked about.  They talked about their own inclusion with one another.  Remarkably, this time I found this being OK.  What they talk passionately about is of no interest to me and what I talk passionately about is of little interest to them.  We tease each other much but being different for the first time was fine.  They were good with what they did for a living and well respected for it.  I was the same in my field of work.  This may sound trite to some readers but it is powerfully important to me.  I for so long wanted to be a good Lewis brother.  I hadn’t realized being a good Lewis brother didn’t have to mean replicating what the others did.  I’ve never disrespected their interests and they don’t disrespect me.  We can’t make a difference unless we are different–this is a quote our pastor made a couple weeks ago.  I like it!  God is showing me that my differences are intentional.  I can use them freely without judgment.  That feels good.

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