The Journey Continues: Mar. 12, 2018

I awoke this morning with my mind whirling.  These next three weeks will wrap up the State Dept. of Education (SDE) work I do.  The work with the schools is more year round.  However, the SDE ends its work when spring testing begins for students in their schools which usually starts after spring break.  Since I’m now leading our additional recovery program developments I find myself having conflicting schedules and commitments in the next couple weeks.  Of course there is always choir & quartet practices to somehow work in also.  I would have to reprioritize if these conflicts sustained longer than a couple weeks.

Yesterday afternoon our church held its quarterly leadership training.  It is a new package of training that equips the attendees for “giving back” to God’s Kingdom Work.  It is somewhat like the last lesson of the Celebrate Recovery year-long set of lessons.  This lesson is “Yes”–saying Yes to God in giving back for what He is given you through your recovery.  I enjoy and support what our church is doing.  Kathy and I took part in the 3rd session last night which is knowing your spiritual gifts so they may be best applied where God is nudging you.  These are not new tools to me for I’ve used them before in the school setting as well as the church one.  However, I was struck last night that apostleship was 2nd on my list.  That hasn’t been the case before or if it were I’d laughed at such a thought.  I wasn’t even sure what this meant?  Later it said it is the ability to start ministries and churches as well as move into new areas, regions or countries.  I’ve done some of this in my life but I’ve never seen it as a gift.  My top one was shepherding which wasn’t a surprise.  Third was a tie between leadership and encouraging.  I sense God using these more fully these days.  In my earlier years I’d feel obligated to make these things happen dutifully.

Today, being much more awake to the new creation God is making in me (in each of us who believe) I realize these gifts being developed are the completion of the new creation being used for God and lead by Him.  Before I thought I had to take charge of this instead of listening carefully to The Holy Spirit within me.  Before I feared what I would hear and now I anticipate what I will hear.  I trust God so much more now that I know He loves me as a son.  I’m so humbled and grateful for this.  God is so patient and kind.  How much I do love Him.

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