The Journey Continues: Mar. 11, 2018

I was right, the greenhouse was very eager to have me spend a day with it yesterday.  Before the day was over I had no less than 200+ vegetables planted and 300+ flowers planted.  I put a heater in it due to the cold mornings we still have this time of year.  It has a dial for the heat without a temp gauge so I’m hoping I have it set somewhat accurately.  It was simply fun to play with all of this for a day.

Today will be the first day of letting go of the Celebrate Recovery’s leadership in full.  We have our monthly meeting and I will simply be attending.  I like that.  In my devotional reading this morning I was brought to full attention.  I’m reading a devotional by the Blackaby brothers.  It is challenging.  Today’s reading was about full obedience to God’s leadership in our lives.  It challenged me to re-access all the steps I’ve taken or have not taken getting to this place of today.  They use the life of Moses as their example.  He is known to be a real follower of God.  However, there were more than a couple times when the work he could have done was hindered by his lack of belief in God using him as fully as God intended.  I know I have spent a lifetime limiting God’s use of me.  I use to think God’s nudges were things God wanted me to do but they were somewhat optional.  I now know that these nudges from God are His invitation to join Him in His work.  They may be optional in man’s eyes, but in our spiritual eyes, they are exactly what God is wanting us to do as our Leader.  I don’t want to limit God by my limitations I see in me.  I want to have faith in God big enough to do all He sends my way knowing it is not about me but about Him and His Almighty Power. “One day at a time” is what God is asking me to do.  Today my answer is YES.

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