The Journey Continues: Mar. 14, 2018

Yesterday, just as I would have expected, had the door open for me to talk to the individual about the troubling circumstance they are encountering.  It took place at noontime when we were preparing for lunch.  We stepped into an area unoccupied and talked for only a few minutes.  I told them what God had laid on my heart for them and their words were simple, “Thank you.  I needed to be reminded of this.”  It won’t likely change steps needing to be taken, but it does change our attitude/heart when taking them.

When I was reading my devotions this morning I was stricken by a statement I’d not seen before or been awakened to until this morning.  It is found again in my Blackaby devotional.  The scripture comes from Luke 5:4 where Christ tells Peter at the end of a day’s teaching to go out into the deep water, drop his nets for a catch.  The Blackaby’s are helping  a reader to see that taking Jesus’ teaching into deep water is how we are to make the big catch.

The big catch is something God is helping me see and experience just as He was helping Peter.  God has been teaching me so much about overcoming as a new creation.  He doesn’t want me to just know that I’m now a new creation because of the work He has done for me.  He wants me to take what I’ve learned into the deep waters of my world around me.  In so doing there will be a big catch.  Ten years ago we started our Celebrate Recovery ministry.  Tonight I’m giving my testimony to our group that was originally 7-10 people.  Today it is between 40-50 each week.  In addition we are growing the ministry to begin 4 new areas this Fall.  God is taking what we are learning from Him into the deep, dark waters of our sinful souls where people are so trapped.  Yet, when Light is shown in this darkness–Hope is seen.  What I hear every time I give my testimony is that it gives the listener Hope.  I use to think I needed to do all of this so I could be worthy of God’s Grace and Love–earn it.  Now I’m understanding that it’s earned through Jesus Christ’s Work on the Cross.  I receive it as a Gift.  I simply take what He has done for me into the deep water of the listener’s soul so Christ can help them know He will do this for them too.  What a Loving God we have!  The freedom He offers is found in this giving back.

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