The Journey Continues: March 20, 2018

It’s Spring! I’m in Challis Idaho where I had to drive through snow 4 feet deep to get here but it is still spring. I’m so glad.

I’m having to write this on my iPhone because I have no WiFi in my room for the laptop. I still want to get a message out today. I asked God today again if He really wants me doing this secular work I do? He told me to quit asking that question. If he wanted me to stop it he would tell me. My questioning is my character defect thinking what I do at the church is more important. He went onto say that I see the church as safe so I can do His work there more easily. He wants me to know he has placed me in the world to let the world know to Embrace the Cross. He came through His Son Jesus to give us a clear path to Him. Let people know this, especially those lost in their bondage where I have been lost for too long. I can do this in a church but more are outside the church needing to know this too. Isn’t our God amazing! I will serve Him wherever I am.

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