The Journey Continues: April 4, 2018

God never ceases to amaze me.  As we were moving through the last of the training videos last night I could see that we were running out to time for what I wanted to address:  stating what our topic would be for leading this fall.  We didn’t get to it.  I know that some are ready to commit and yet I could see that there are several who wanted time now to ponder this with God.  We have two weeks to do this as we won’t meet again to begin going through the curriculum until April 24.  Kathy and I are leaving this Saturday for Oklahoma. Our daughter there is being ordained as a pastor and we will be there for this.

This morning I was made fully aware of a misconception I’ve had for years.  When John wrote his book he never mentions his name.  He calls himself, “the one Jesus loved”.  I’ve always perceived this as somewhat arrogant.  Our pastor recently mentioned in a sermon that John was so humble that he only mentioned himself as someone Jesus loved rather than naming himself.  Then this morning in my devotional reading it says John was so humble.  God’s Son–Jesus Christ chose him to spend such intimate time with him as well as trust him to bring His message to the world.  This blew John away.  All of a sudden I realized I’d been judging John all this time rather than seeing the truth of his relationship with Christ.  I hate it when man judges others and here I was doing it.  On top of this, I realized too that God has given His Son Jesus to me and to each one of us along with His Holy Spirit.

The humbleness John felt towards being chosen by Christ is just how I feel today.  To think this Almighty God of our universe has chosen you, me, each one of us, is simply amazing.  Yes, he wants our surrendered obedience, but He gives us full choice to  do so and this is where I want to spend the rest of my life.

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