The Journey Continues: April 3, 2018

Tonight wraps up the training we’ve been doing for the ones who want to join the recovery work at our church beyond Celebrate Recovery.  As we do, there will be time for each one who has taken part to state their decision—Do they choose at this time to lead one of the new groups?  If so, which area is God nudging you to lead:  Sexual Addiction, Homosexuality, Abuse, or Spouse of Sexual Addiction.

This morning in my devotions I thought it was time to ask God if I should now go back to journaling to His Son since He and I have gotten much better acquainted and I feel so much more grounded in Him.  His response took me by surprise.  He seemed to be saying it is fine to journal to The Team.  It may seem trite to read what I’m writing, but I’ve had this desire to do just that–journal to all Three–God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit as a TEAM.  I don’t want to isolate one of them.  I want to be doing what The Holy Team wants done and have all THREE speaking as necessary.  Having God nudge me to go ahead and write to the TEAM made ms smile and shed a tear.  I felt welcomed and invited to be part.

Now, back to tonight’s training.  Tonight is an important night seeing if others are ready to step into the four areas of recovery I’ve felt needed to start this Fall.  God, this morning, seemed to be saying that this recovery team is on assignment with His Holy TEAM.  We need to know this.  We need to be a vessel that God’s TEAM will use to bring Light into individual’s darkness.  This Light is Healing and Powerful.  However, when we are caught in the bondage of sin we have no idea about this.  We don’t do the healing as vessels of Light, we simply carry the Light and IT will do the work as the one in bondage begins to take their personal steps just as I had to do not so many years ago.

It is a privilege and honor to be part of this work.  I look forward to seeing just what God and HIS TEAM will be doing with this new recovery team.

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