The Journey Continues: April 18, 2018

Yes, the journey continues and I’m home.  Today I go to work with one of the schools I serve.  However, God this morning was needing to anchor me once and for all that what He has for me to do is all about Him.  I look at yesterday and know that Kathy and I got home very tired and in need of rest.  Kathy had her own agenda needing attention from one of our grandkids and she faithfully left to complete it.  I needed to address somethings here at home.  While I was alone and tired I began to doubt my capabilities to now start moving forward with the recovery ministries God has led me to.  Surely there is someone better equipped and just a better person to do this, I kept telling Him.  Has He forgotten already what my past is?  God, on the other hand had me reading His call to Moses this morning in the first five chapters of Exodus.  In it Moses was giving all kinds of excuses why he wasn’t the right person to complete God’s assignment for him.  I found myself in this big time.  So, as I journaled this morning I told God I know He is ready for me to use all of my past for His Glory Work.  He is already doing this and the fact we are expanding it is just something God wants done.  Yes, He can have someone else do it but He is asking me to be the one for this point in time.  I’m ready to begin.  I see my failures, but God sees Himself in me as I take each step of obedience.  We will do this and I will be an obedient servant.  God is so faithful and I want to be too.

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