The Journey Continues: April 21, 2018

I have been a Christian for 50+ years.  During this time I’ve spent most of it living as the old creation I was, fighting the haunting memories of abuse.  It is revealing to take a moment like this and realize the most haunting memories were the verbal abuses along with the sexual abuse.  These together had me believing for so long that I was gay just like my brother and much less valuable than most men.  A gay person wouldn’t be attracted to someone who wasn’t–would they?  Even though I know in my logical mind this isn’t true at all, it is something Satan has tried to keep me tormented and in bondage throughout my life.

Now that I’ve learned to trust God’s Grace, Christ’s work on the Cross, The Holy Spirit’s indwelling, I can better live the new creation life Christ made me to be so long ago.  I’m realizing how much of our life we waste and how much opportunity we miss completing God’s Kingdom work when we stay in hiding.  I use to equate tormenting temptations as part of me and my sinfulness.  God has fully shown me this is one of Satan’s biggest deceptions.  I was made clean and whole as a new creation and I can surrender each of these tempting moments knowing they no longer own me.  Join me in being free and find help if you are not able to believe this.  The lie has been labeled as such.  You don’t have to believe it ever again!

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