The Journey Continues: April 22, 2018

The beauty of Spring has really hit.  The daffodils and tulips are in their full beauty as I look out the window of my den.  The air is still (no wind) and the leaves are emerging on all the trees.  The flowering trees are lush in bloom right now.  Yes, I do love Spring!

As yesterday began it was calm for the first day all last week since coming home from Oklahoma.  I was wanting to get my lawn sprayed for dandelions and other weeds so I quickly got things ready and began the work.  My granddaughter had a basketball tournament I thought at 10:30 for which I was going.  I had finished the spraying and was eating a bowl of cereal when my daughter text me that she was at the game and where she was sitting (it was 9:55).  Kathy was already gone having left earlier for a bible study at the church.  She was driving separate of me.  I quickly left the house realizing the game was at 10 and not 10:30.  They usually last an hour so I knew I’d only catch the last two quarters being 30 minutes away.  I got within seeing the high school where the tournament took place to get a call from my son-in-law telling me the game was over.  They had played straight through.  Typically I  would have beat myself up at this point.  Instead, I laughed knowing Kathy had told me correctly, but I had logged it in my head incorrectly.  I’m sure we have all been there in our lives.  I had just felt bad I didn’t get to support my granddaughter.

Being a new creation, living it out day by day, is truly a transformation of our mind.  It is not a discipline as much as it is a belief.  I disciplined myself to be “new” forever.  Only now am I truly realizing that believing I’m new is what God has always wanted me to do.  It has only been since this change that the transformation kicks in.  This transformation is remarkable realizing I don’t need to beat myself up each time I make a simple error.  God is so patient with us.  His gifts are eternal.  He gives them to us and then waits for us to finally open the gift and receive it’s blessing.

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