The Journey Continues: April 24, 2018

As I am reading now in Exodus all about the rules God gave Moses for the children of Israel, I am stunned all over again.  If you have read them you know there were hundreds of them.  When I finished reading these chapters I asked God if there is something He wanted me to know from these?  I was expecting Him to say something like these rules are no longer relevant to you so skip them.  However, what He spoke into my mind was this, “These are the rules for living under the old covenant.  You now are living in the new covenant where guidance is given by nudges from the Holy Spirit.  In either place, old or new covenant, obedience is the key.”  All of a sudden I realized a very important factor.  God’s Holy Spirit speaks to us by nudges all the time.  These aren’t to be dealt with as though they are suggestions.  The old covenant rules were not to be dealt with as suggestions either.  The rules were written for the old covenant and ours are nudged in our spirit.  Both are to be obeyed.  If I were to tally all the nudges I’ve had over time there would be hundreds of them too.  I love the intimacy of The Holy Spirit living within me.  I want to be fully awake to my need to obey as He nudges.

Tonight is the one where the team working to lead the new recovery classes will start to get going with the curriculum.  First they will identify their area of interest and we will see who will be working together, etc.  I’m also meeting with our State Dept. of Education this afternoon over the new process of helping failing schools starting this next Fall.  I was feeling rather overwhelmed as I got up this morning but God’s message earlier about obeying His nudges makes me know I am on track.  Today doesn’t start teaching the classes nor does today start the work with the schools.  Today is for identifying key people to do the work, what materials we will use, and the process for all of this.   Then,  we will take the time to learn the materials before we teach them.  God certainly is good at taking anxiety and replacing it with purpose and meaning when it is surrendered.

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