The Journey Continues: April 25, 2018

Today is the anniversary of my brother in law’s passing.  He was a remarkable man in so many ways.  I know my sis and their two sons and their families will be mourning today.  I will too in a sense.  However, I know God is wanting me to celebrate his life and help my family do the same.  Randy and I wore the same size shoes, the same size ring and Bonnie gave me a ring she’d bought Randy as well as a couple pair of his shoes he’d never worn.  So today I’m wearing Randy.  Randy and I use to greet one another with bird calls since we both like birds.  I know this sounds goofy, but I’m doing my bird call just to remember the fun we use to have simply being together.  He is with our Father and a host of family in heaven.  Yes, we miss him but today along with mourning his absence, lets celebrate his remembrance.

Yesterday had several important meetings taking place both with the ministry work in recovery as well as with the State Dept. of Ed where I do my consulting work.  I was thinking from them I would sort out what portion of the work I’d quit.  Instead, God showed me how to streamline it rather than quit it.  He is amazingly detailed.  As I learn to listen more closely to Him throughout my day I realize more and more how much of life I’ve struggled through because I tried for so long to do it on my own.  Boy, I never want to go back to that lonely struggle.

Last night I was so touched as we went around the table and I listened to each one attending name the area of leading they wanted to pursue with the recovery topics.  The momentum of the meeting was great and we got through so much more detail than I ever expected.  There was a rich harmony present which I should have anticipated but I hadn’t.  I was simply touched over and over by the tender and firm cooperation everyone had to grasp this work and move forward with it in nurture and support.  Wow, our God is so Good!

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