The Journey Continues: April 27, 2018

This morning I was reading in Exodus.  Moses has just needed to go back up the mountain with two hewed stone plates so God would rewrite the commandments for the children of Israel.  Moses and God have been conversing about the stubbornness of the Israelites–stiff-necked people God called them.  In all of this Moses tells God how he struggles as a man to lead these people.  God then assures him He is with him and will lead them.  He goes so far as to assure Moses of His presence by allowing Moses to see Him and experience His presence first hand.  (Read Exodus chapters 32-36)

I have begun to learn that these precious relationships with God are not just for exceptional Bible characters such as Moses.  God yearns to have these with each of us today.   A few years back when I was deep into therapy I had a session where I was desperately needing God’s help with the topic I was addressing–SHAME.  In each session I would need to place the weight of the topic being addressed into a container where it would never be allowed to bother me again.  In this case, I couldn’t budge the weight of it.  In fact, I was paralyzed by the weight of it.  My counselor asked me to ask God for an angel’s help.  I did this but nothing happened.  I told the counselor I had asked for God’s help with this before and nothing happened then either.  She told me directly to not believe this lie.  Ask again.  When I did there were two presence about me.  They lifted all the shame from me and I was free.  I knew it was God and Jesus but I couldn’t explain that except I just knew it.  My counselor asked me to thank them for coming and helping out.  I did and broke down as I was overcome with gratefulness.

Years later I realize that this was one of those moments where God not only revealed Himself to me but He was also indicating His desire for a closer relationship I could trust and rely on.  Today I know that people like you and me can have a Moses type relationship with God.  He doesn’t withhold Himself from those who seek Him and work to build a relationship with Him.  I’d encourage everyone to do this.  We don’t need to let our hardships be the drivers behind the relationship, but even if they are (as mine were) it won’t matter.  God seeks us and we in turn can seek Him.

PS–This is late getting out–as I was writing it earlier I got a phone call with one of my kids needing their car jumped so they could get their kids to school and get to work.  Thus, I’m tardy just like my grandkids were!

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