The Journey Continues: April 28, 2018

In my morning devotions I read that Christ is the door to all of God’s activity regarding the salvation of man.  I don’t think that is much of a surprise when the scripture clearly states that:  “…no man comes unto the Father except through me.”  John 14:6.  What was more revealing to me was the fact that all doors God’s Holy Spirit is nudging us to step through are doors of Christ.  When we feel a nudge that is not seemingly connected to leading someone to Christ it seems less necessary.  However, God was speaking clearly to me this morning that when He nudges I am to obey.  The fact that what I’m stepping into is in His hands and He is wanting me to be a part which will have a connection to Him whether I can see it or not.

Secondly, yesterday the Lewis brothers and spouses got together as we do about monthly.  I became the brunt of some sarcasm and jokes.  I must have reacted someway to a statement because one brother said I needed to be more secure in being a man.  (I didn’t disagree with that).  Later, another brother said I was just plain fun to tease.  This morning I asked God to help me know if security in being a man was part of being secure that I’m a new creation in Him?  He said two words, “It will.”  He went onto say that I had never connected the dots to being a new creation and also being a man secure in himself because I am on purpose.  The hold that my abusive past has had on me is lessening as these realities come true.  What I thought for a minute was a thoughtless statement by my brother turned into a healthy lesson.

Today I’m going into the mountains with men from our church as a get-together with the men.  I’m taking one of my older grandsons with me.  This isn’t something I’d typically enjoy doing for a day, but it seems to be one of those doors I’m to enter.  It will be a good time to see how God uses this time.

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