The Journey Continues: May 7, 2018

Usually when I am awake ahead of normal in the morning it is because I have something specific God is wanting to speak to me about.  However, this morning I awoke and there is not the specificity I’d expected.  I do have plans for the day which are not part of school work.  It is a day I can get the yardwork completed or someone else’s yard work I’m helping do.  But this isn’t something to wake up early about.

I mentioned a few days ago about my older brother coming to church yesterday.  It didn’t happen.  I don’t know why and neither does my younger brother who had the visit.  I have ideas as to why he didn’t come–these reasons wouldn’t be so different from any other 82 year old who is pondering returning to church.  In those days gone by, church attendance meant relationship with God.  I know now that this is true for some, but many today don’t have a church but do have a close walk with God.  My brother witnessed much hypocrisy in the church while he was growing up primarily centered around our dad.  Yet, I know God is working on him today.  We will keep praying for God’s Light to break through Satan’s cloud of darkness ensnaring him.  Join me if you would in prayers for him.  His name is Herb.

I’m going to step into this day and start on the list of yard work to get done.  If God interrupts it with other nudges, I’ll step into them.  We will see where this leads.


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