The Journey Continues: May 8, 2018

Yesterday was a day of gardening.  I spent the entire day purchasing flowers for the 16 pots on the deck and then getting all of the work done through the afternoon.  The nursery I’ve always used is closing so I had to find other ones which was no small task for this gardener.  I did find the many varieties I enjoy. I can look at it and enjoy it.  It will bring many months of beauty for the onlookers.  This makes my heart happy.  Today I go and garden for an elderly lady who can no longer do her own.  She is battling cancer and is in treatment.  These little times of giving are ones I enjoy most.

The scripture reading in Numbers is certainly focusing me on praising God rather than complaining.  A couple of my grandkids are struggling with school and struggling to even go to school.  School for me was the best thing happening for me when I was young.  It got me away from home and put me in an environment where I could thrive.  It pains me to see my own grandkids struggle with it.  I want to tell God to do this and do that to change all of this.  However, God tells me to praise Him and to worship Him, trusting Him.  Oh, how I would love to change all of this, but I know this isn’t about me, it is about God becoming significant in their personal lives.  So, I step back and thank God for what I cannot see and know but trust He is already working and using these times to help them know they can rely on Him in all of this.

Tonight our recovery leaders meet.  We are about done with this prep part.  It is time to turn each one lose and let them, with God’s help, prepare their own materials specific to their curriculum and topic.  I do fight anxiousness in this, but I also know God is leading.  My journal had a verse in it that really stood out as I was writing earlier.  It said, “Lord, You are my God; I will exalt You and praise Your name, for in perfect faithfulness You have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.”  Isaiah 25:1.  As I read this I realized God has been preparing each of these leaders for years and He is also preparing each one who will attend these classes this Fall.  So, I will trust Him in all of these present details where I want to take charge for He is the Master Planner and also my God.  How I love Him.

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