The Journey Continues: May 9, 2018

Today’s start has a powerful message looming in the front of it–selfishness.  It was the theme of my devotional reading and it was powerfully present in the actions of some Israelites in the bible reading of Numbers.  The message given centered around the consequences of the sin of selfishness.  The message brought forth the consequences whether our sinfulness is with other Christians or with the secular world around us.  What screams at me is the message that God is never seen in our selfishness–only we are seen.  I might say I am on assignment for God but if I am acting selfishly God is certainly not seen.  There are consequences for this behavior too.

As I was having my devotions I felt as though God wanted me to focus directly on my own behaviors as I go through this day.  If I ask for help seeing my own selfishness He will not only show them to me but will help me see what the replacement behavior should also be.  This was my prayer this morning as I had my prayer time.

As I ponder “freedom in Christ” I wonder what selfishness looks like through the lens of this freedom?  I know selfishness has always looked ugly when one sees it in others so I know the same ugliness is present when I am selfish.  I want to know what God is seeing that I am overlooking.  I best brace myself.  I recall several years ago when I use to say “a Harold just came out of me”.  This would be in reference to something selfish I’d say or do–meaning a dad just happened.  Kathy pointed out to me that when I would say that, people only saw me, not dad.  So, I think God isn’t done showing me what He wants me to know in this area.

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