The Journey Continues: May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day!  As I reflected on this for a moment I was quickly reminded that man focuses us on man’s accomplishments, etc.  However, in God’s eyes, the greatest accomplishments we obtain are focusing others on God Himself by our example to them and the words we speak to them.  This is exactly what my mom did for me.  Of all the people I know, she modeled how to seek God in all things of my life.  I love her for this!

As I was having my devotional reading and my scripture reading it seemed they were once again aligning a tremendous message I was to know and pass along.  In Deuteronomy Moses is telling the Israelites that the journey they were to take from Egypt to the Promised Land was one of days.  However, because of disobedience it had now taken 40 years.  My devotional reading was asking about my obedience and what was I allowing to stand in my way of obeying God?  When reading the two together I realize how many years I wondered in the wilderness of fear and judgment when God wanted me to wander in His freedom from my obedience to Him.

God has provided me tremendous freedom in the past few years from a past of bondage.  However, to find the freedom I had to take huge steps into telling what the bondage was and getting help for it.  These turned out to be big steps but when I took them they were a multitude of baby steps.  It took several years to get to the place of freedom I am now knowing.  I sure encourage any reader to listen to God’s nudges and don’t let the lies of Satan any longer keep you in bondage.  God’s truth of freedom is not for some–it is for all who are willing to begin the journey of taking each baby step He asks you to take.  There is also much support for you once you begin.  Loneliness and fear turn into support as you do this for others are waiting to give their support.

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