The Journey Continues: May 14, 2018

Today was to start by going to a middle school I work with.  About 30 minutes into my devotional time I got a text from the principal that there had been a student death last night from her site and today wouldn’t be a productive day for us to try and be together.  I certainly can understand this.  What a sad moment.  I know nothing about the circumstances at this point but I will be praying.  This actually frees me to be able to spend the day getting the work done for the school I am helping where the principal’s husband is dying from cancer.  So much tragedy.  Being a helper in these times without being in the way is the right thing to.

This morning’s devotion is leaving me with much to ponder.  The Israelites are now almost ready to enter their promise land God had told them about 40 years ago.  Yet, it has taken this long due to their continued disobedience.  Joyce Meyer says in an insert that we today so often stay in the “land of even” where we just get by living one day at a time, from one paycheck to the next.  God has a promised land for each of us but we hinder ever getting there out of our own selfishness and fear of following God fully.  I know this way of living for I’ve lived in the fear of following God much of my life.  I would live for Him in what I determined was safe for fear if others knew more, I would be expelled.  I do know better today, but I still find myself battling the mindset of total obedience and living by trust and faith.  I know that the promise land here on earth is only found in this trusting, faithful living.  This is my desire to grow in this with God fully leading each and every day.

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