The Journey Continues: May 17, 2018

I went to reread yesterday’s post to not being able to find it.  Yesterday was a struggling day knowing I was going to have to introduce myself at Celebrate Recovery as one who struggles with homosexuality for the second time.  This is a pride thing for me and one I’m certainly not proud of and yet I know it is one God wants me using to help others open up themselves.  I know that yesterday when I started the blog I hit the button for “blog page” and then realized I was to hit it for “blog post”.  The page that opened looked just like any other but it obviously is one I cannot find today and it didn’t connect with the others I’ve written.  Oh well, today is here.

Last night I ended up giving the Celebrate Recovery lesson on “Forgiveness”.  It was a comedy of errors actually.  The one who organizes lesson teachers and testimonies was gone.  The person who had signed up for the lesson was also gone and who she had asked to sub for her had forgotten.  This came out 30 minutes ahead of starting.  I live close so I ran home and got my lesson outline since I’ve taught this one before.  As I was literally reading through it on my drive back to church I said out loud to God–“You did this on purpose!”  The lesson was one in which I could address once again my need to forgive myself for being human and having struggles that hurt my pride, but nonetheless, still must be brought into the Light of Christ rather than stuffed into a closet as I had done most of my life.

Today feels like a day of victory getting through all of this yesterday.  I’m headed to a school to wrap up the work with them.  It will be a time of victory too as they are doing well.  God is always good and what He wants us to do is always the right thing to do.  I have needed to relearn this lesson over and over.

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