The Journey Continues: May 15, 2018

Today brings more clarity for me of yesterday’s devotional message.  I had mentioned that Joyce Meyer says we often live in the land of even.  We just get by from one pay check to another and from one event in our lives to another.  There is not much, if any, freedom in this type of living.  What there is however, is a good deal of personal selfishness.  Things like:  “I don’t think I’d want to do that.”, “What would others think if I were to do this?”, “Surely God is not asking me to do this.” and there are so many more questions of this nature.  I’m coming back to this but need to take you on a different course for a moment.

As I was having my devotions this morning two things were prominent in my mind.  One was from Deuteronomy where Moses is telling the Israelites to simply follow God’s Ten Commandments and they will prosper.  Disobedience to them will lead to defeat and a total lack of freedom. Secondly, Blackaby’s, in my devotional I’m reading, talk about surrounding yourself with friends who point you towards God’s Truth when we are straying away from it and may not even know it.

I’ve lived in fear most of my life.  I’ve had people ask me why I never became a superintendent?  I’ve had people ask me why I never ran for a public office, etc.  I even had my dad ask me if I’d consider being a preacher when I was in early high school.  These questions were always instantly fear invoking for me.  The first thought was what would people think if they knew my truth?  I’d be forever banned from society and these positions in life were too public. I would be too often scrutinized and someone would stumble into my past and find out what a failure I am.  I know all of this is a lie today.   Then, I didn’t know and I sure wasn’t going to take any steps to find out otherwise.  Besides, the ones asking me these questions didn’t know my truth or they wouldn’t be asking–I’d think.

Today I don’t know, nor do I want to ponder this past, what would have happened if I’d stepped into a more public role in life.  What is important for me is that I no longer believe the lies.  God has been healing the windows into my soul as I expose all of the lies I believed in the past.  These windows are beliefs I’ve had where Satan could easily enter and paralyze me.  I can now better sort out what are Satan’s lies.

Now back to the beginning of this blog—I lived for a long time in the “land of even”.  I lived for God but I chose what I could and would do according to what I thought was safe and what I thought allowed freedom.  I never want to do this again.  Now I want my friends to help keep me focused on God’s Truths and I want to do this for others also.  In Deuteronomy Moses is telling the Israelites to hold one another accountable to living for God by obeying His Commandments which were to be written on their hearts.  Do not let the people of the land they are entering influence this Truth God has given them.  God’s healing touch for you and me is strengthened by whom we allow to influence us.  I want to keep this always in the forefront of my actions.

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