The Journey Continues: May 19, 2018

This spring has been an allergy high.  So many years ago I had sinus surgery after spending 20+ years battling allergy prescriptions, 3 years of allergy shots, tests that made you want to peel your skin right off your bones, etc.  I’ve had so many sinus infections that I’m allergic to penicillin.  After the sinus surgery I felt like a new man.  This spring is the first time I’m noticed some of the old side effects of high allergy season.  I become more easily irritable, I tire faster, and I have a sense of depression/doom.  I write all of this because in the last couple days there have been family issues getting to me and I have this urge to not be nice in dealing with them.

This morning I was lamenting with God about these issues and I asked Him how He, Jesus and The Holy Spirit can stand working with all of mankind?  I only see a minute amount of distress compared to them seeing all there is all the time.  The sun was just shedding its morning light when I was journaling this.  God seemed to ask me to look at the morning sun and reflect on what it does.  He was reminding me that my garden is growing nicely, the flowers are just starting to enter a stage of beauty which will last until late Fall, and more.  He said He could get discouraged about much of the details of life but His sole purpose is to bring mankind to Him.  He said that He wanted my purpose to be the same.  If I continue to only notice the piles of laundry, the strewn toys, the dirty dishes, I will not be the Light of Jesus He wants shown to my kids and grandkids.  He said to be the influence of Light just like the sun is to earth.  In its brilliance life grows.  Without its brilliance life suffers.  Shed Light–My Light.  So, I have my priorities realigned.  Thanks God!

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