The Journey Continues: May 20, 2018

I wrote yesterday’s blog and have finished rereading it.  It is amazing to me how God shows us something and then life’s daily activity brings it to reality and I don’t even catch the fact God has already prepped me for it.  I did some gardening earlier in the morning and then called my sis in Calif.  She was to have some news about her heart given to her by the heart specialist and I was curious what she was told.  There was no blockage which I thought was great news.  However, what I wasn’t expecting to hear was that her heart is permanently damage from all the years of uncontrolled high blood pressure.  She is into heart failure and there is no treatment.  In fact, some of the meds she has been taking are being removed for they stress the heart which is incapable of handling it.  There isn’t a timeframe given to her.  It is just that the heart will give out at some point.

If I could remove all the emotional ties to this news I would be saying that this is all to be expected.  Our human side gives out and our spiritual side lives on forever.  This is what God has been doing with all mankind since sin entered His creation.  This morning I have been asking God what He wants me to know from Him?  He reminded me that life is His to give and to take away.  In this, give glory back to Him.  I’ve pondered just how wonderful life has been being the brother to such a great sis.  She is still with me and I will do my best to take advantage of whatever time God allows on this human side of life.  In it though, I will keep focused on the gift of life, not lamenting on the absence of this gift.  I want to give Glory to God for He is so worthy of our praise!

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