The Journey Continues: May 24, 2018

Yesterday morning I was meeting with a state dept. of education person who organizes some of the consulting work I do.  We were at a coffee house in Nampa.  As we were finishing our work in walks someone I’ve known for a few years and had moved to Colorado.  I jumped up to give them a hug to find she’d moved back.  We had actually met because she’d read my book and contacted me.  Over the next couple years I spoke for a couple events connecting to her work.  She has now moved back and in a new position leading a major non-profit work in our valley.  As we were catching up the man she was to meet arrived and we spent a few minutes connecting also.  He is the associate pastor at a large church and in charge of community outreach and recovery.  He heads the Celebrate Recovery at their church but is new to it.  I enjoyed a great deal connecting with both of them.  God is good this way.  I have no idea if our ministries will reconnect, but we will see what God may have in mind.

I’ve been doing OK introducing myself at Celebrate Recovery adding the words: “I struggle with homosexuality.”  However, as I got to share group there was a man who came who hasn’t been with us for several weeks due to a conflictive schedule with his kids track at their high school.  It is now done so he returned.  I found myself not wanting to use my new introduction with him present.  He hadn’t heard why I was adding it and I felt intimidated saying it with him present. We have known one another for many years.  Even though I know he knows this struggle, I had my pride jumping in the way.  It is a frustrating thing to see just how weak I can be when something like this comes up.  I’m calling him today to let him know of the incident.  We will end up laughing about it likely, but I do need to confess this moment of weakness to him.  God is a good God and I want to do His bidding in all my life.

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