The Journey Continues: May 23, 2018

All day yesterday the word reproach was staying with me.  It is actually rearranging some very critical things in my thinking.  The impact of Christ’s reproach to our sins and misbeliefs is most important if we are to live today in His Freedom.  As I was reading in the Bible this morning Joshua was facing all of the mighty kings in the land they were to now occupy.  God had given him a plan to move forward and had promised Joshua that He would provide the victory.  He didn’t tell how, He just said He would.  If you go back to the start of the book of Joshua and read Joshua 1:9, it says, “Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua, now a few years later in chapter 9 is being told to prepare for the mighty kings that had pooled their resources to attack the Israelites.  He had not forgotten what God told him from the very time he first crossed the Jordan and faced the walled city of Jericho.  He stayed strong in his belief and acted on the insights God gave him.

What has paralyzed me more than anything in my life from obeying all God has asked me to do is the possible revelation of my past and people knowing I struggle with gay thoughts.  Today, however, God is having me not only face this, He has promised me that Jesus’ reproach of my sins replaced the disgrace with God’s Grace.  Now I can tell my story not with shame, but with victory.  Just like God was trying to show the Israelites they were now victors and they were no longer slaves to man as they were to the Egyptians; so He is showing me I am no longer a slave to the fears of man knowing my past.  I am a victor helping others find their way to Christ’s reproach and ultimate victory for them.

Praise the Lord!


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