The Journey Continues: May 26, 2018

It is a quiet morning.  The sound of the birds outside my den window is all I’ve heard while experiencing my devotional time with God.  Last night a wind/rain/lightning storm passed through our region and following it–the calm.

Today I’m back to real life again.  I’ve begun to read Judges.  I hate the reality of real life.  In it we find man falling away from God and seeking pleasures from all sorts of means–none of which have any connection to God and His Grace.  The reality of life simply cannot be determined only by man.  This is exactly what happens to us when we remove God from the helm of our life.  This happens over and over in the book of Judges.  God sends a new judge to the people to fight the bondage of another people group.  The Israelites rejoice and as soon as that judge dies, they drift back into worshipping something other than the One True God.

What I’m also finding amazing is the strength of music.  God seems to love music.  Somehow it goes from His heart right to ours.  It melts anger, it softens hurt, it penetrates what man calls sound judgment so we can hear the whisper of wisdom’s message.  All of this is very true for me.  Music takes the reality of real life and provides hope, focus, and a renewed spirit for trusting in The One and only True God.

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