The Journey Continues: May 30, 2018

I don’t know if this is the “peace in the midst of the storm” or if it is simply peace.  I don’t often get up sensing peace, yet this morning I do.  I’m going to a half day training in another hour and then have an afternoon and evening committed to recovery work.  Usually my mind is preoccupied with details.  However, today is one of those anomalies.  I’m just going to trust in God.  When I asked God what He wanted me to know for today He simply said to know He is in all things.  Obey Him when I sense His nudging.  This I will do.

Tonight I am teaching the Celebrate Recovery lesson on Grace.  It is an amazing lesson to learn.  Grace is not built on our works.  It is built on God’s nature.  Satan has done a hazardous work convincing man he needs to “be” and “do” in order to deserve God’s Grace.  I believed this for years.  God is showing me over and over how His Grace is a Gift for me to receive.  My nature hardly knows how to simply accept it, yet this is what I want to learn and help others in the process to do the same.  God’s Grace is amazing just as He Is Amazing.


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