The Journey Continues: May 29, 2018

Much of yesterday went as planned.  I went out and spent a couple hours pruning the raspberry  patch for my sis.  Eventually she came out as I had told her I didn’t need her help getting it done.  I don’t mind if someone is with me, but I love working in the outdoors alone.  We cleaned the pruning and then repaired the high fence she has around the patch.  The deer love to get into any garden or flower bed and eat the young morsels there.  This fence is about 12 feet tall and had partially fallen in one corner.  We were able to get it repaired in spite of my limited carpenter skills.  What we needed most was a 16 ft 2×4.  A neighbor had one which was a 2×6 and we said, “close enough!”  We got it repaired.

The rest of the day was spent moving some patio furniture and cleaning flower beds which are mostly empty except grass and weeds.  Any flowers one plants are destroyed by the deer so Mary has given up with trying to plant something the deer won’t eat.  By 3:00 pm I was done and relaxed finishing the book I Can Only Imagine.  I had read most of it before coming but wanted to see how it ended.  I had also seen the movie a month or so ago.  I like to know the story a movie doesn’t tell, especially one like this one.  The move is excellent, but the book tells the details one like me wants to know.  When one lives through abuse as a child, one knows God can be found and is present, but to an onlooker, it isn’t often the same as in a normal upbringing.  The book brings out these details and that is what I wanted to know.

God always proves Himself faithful.  God’s gift to mankind of choice is often used to hurt and harm due to man’s selfish nature.  However, God’s way of escape is there if we faithfully stay with Him and not lose hope.  He does provide this in life.  I will always love this about Him.  Counseling and therapy is often tied to this way out and if it is needed, never let our pride stand in the way of getting it.  I’m living proof of it.

The day topped off with Mary fixing her famous wiener wraps.  Afterwards we watched “The Sound of Music” with popcorn!  A day couldn’t have ended nicer!

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