The Journey Continues: June 1, 2018

Yesterday was an interesting day.  Kathy and I were heading to the hospital in Boise where she was having an angiogram done to rule out any blockage that may be causing some pains she’s been having.  (They weren’t from me!) I was somehow so totally at peace about all of this that I’d not even considered any report except she’s ok.  Well, as it turned out, that is exactly what the report was.  The cardiologist prescribed a med which she said will relax the arteries around the heart.  Sometimes they can spasm causing what seems to be heart issues.  We were glad to hear all of this.  It wasn’t until I was in the hospital that I began to realize how serious these tests were–it is all about the heart.  Fortunate for me I am physically very healthy.  The down side is that I hadn’t considered the seriousness of what was before us.  Being in the area of the hospital where I saw so much anxiety from others who were waiting for their reports I began to realize I was there with them for the same.  I’m grateful all was good, but I felt rather ill prepared for what could have been.  It was all just a good wake up for me to step out of denial when things like this are upon us.

Today doesn’t have too much going.  I’m helping a friend move and that is about it.  My mind wants to organize a list but this morning God told me to “be still”.  In fact, He said it twice–one right after the other.  So, instead of creating a list of things, I’m writing this working on being still, relaxed about having time.  I know there are things to do but I don’t have to put a tight structure around them.  I think I could be a better listener if I am still.  I think God is up to something.

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