The Journey Continues: June 2, 2018

Our God is One Amazing God.  The move for the friend took a few more hours than expected yesterday.  It will finish today and there will be more helping.  Only two of us could come yesterday but thankfully it was two men.  We were able to move all the heavy pieces and get them into storage.  Today will finish all the rest which will be a huge relief for the one moving.  She is a single gal needing to get out of her present living arrangement.

Yesterday I wrote about God telling me to be still and He said it twice in a row emphasizing its significance for me to pay attention to the message.  As the day went along I had lost track of the message.  One of our Celebrate Recovery guys text in the middle of the afternoon regarding some struggles he is encountering.  These are ones he has only shared with his wife and me but triggered by some huge childhood abuse issues.  They were upon him again.  He sent this message while I was driving to the storage unit so I saw it but didn’t read it until I arrived to the unit.  I did a quick read and made a quick response.  Once we were all finished and I was driving to a store to do an errand before heading home I reread his text.  In it he had said he might need to meet with me which I’d missed completely in the first read.  When I got home I text him saying I was open most of today if he wanted to get together.  His response was immediate and he thanked me for being so sensitive.  I have a quartet practice for a couple hours first thing this morning and he is coming right after that.  I’ll tell you that God is the One who is sensitive.  He was the One who told me to “be still”–twice.  I had even written that I could listen better if I am still.  Well, God sure used this opportunity to show me the significance of listening while I read and respond.  I get overly involved in what I’m doing and when an interruption comes I see it as an interruption.  God wanted me to see it as His message and to be still and listen.

In my past God has always had a friend, often my wife Kathy, who has been right there when I needed to unload.  God was wanting me to be this friend–being right there when He opens the door.  I sure don’t want to not be listening and not be available.  Being still is an art form I am going to want to spend more time allowing God to mold me into.

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