The Journey Continues: June 6, 2018

If someone were to ask me who the most important women in my life today are, I’d say my wife Kathy and my sis Bonnie.  It is difficult to place a priority here because I also have 3 daughters who stand in line neck to neck with them.  However, there is something powerfully important taking place with these two women today.  Today my wife gives her testimony for the first time to our Celebrate Recovery group.  In all our years of participating in this ministry she has not taken this step, however, today is her day.  I’m so proud of her!

On a very different note, this afternoon my sis Bonnie is having tests done to help the doctors determine some critical reasons her health is declining as it is.  In a matter of a few months she has been diagnosed with heart failure and there are other lingering issues the doctors can’t seem to call by name and treat properly.  The treatments being done complicate other physical concerns.  Being almost a thousand miles away, I want to simply drive down there and stay until she is “fine” again.

As I was praying for them just minutes ago, God reminded me that these two ladies are His first, not mine first.  He appreciates my love and support for them but He doesn’t need me trying to do His Work–He is very good at being God!  This reminder was all I needed to reestablish my trust in Him.  I would ask that readers of this would lift Bonnie up to the healing touch of God this afternoon and to lift Kathy tonight as she shares her story to our body of attenders.  God wants us to tell our story to strengthen others struggling so they know God hasn’t forgotten them and loves them unconditionally just as He has proven over and over to us who give our story.

I have my own day of training for the consulting work I do.  God told me to go do what He has me doing and He will take care of what He does.  I do TRUST HIM and I love these two ladies.  Today is an important day in my journey.  I’m so glad God my Father is in charge.

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