The Journey Continues: June 5, 2018

God is so faithful.  As I obeyed Him yesterday addressing the one item I had been fearful to address.  It was accepted as though there was nothing else to do but it.  It was such a clear example of me still believing that old man voice inside my head.  All day long I felt like a ton had been lifted from me.  It is amazing what a single step of obedience can do.  Tonight I am to address the second step made clear to me yesterday morning.

As I was reading this morning in I Samuel 18:5 David is prospering under Saul’s kingship.  It says he behaved wisely.  He has already been anointed king of Israel by Samuel, but his time to assume that role has not yet arrived.  Saul grows more and more envious of David and tries more than once to kill him.  Joyce Meyers writes something that truly resonated aligning with this scripture.  She says God gives us times of trial that allows us to grow in character with Him.  If God has anointed us to leadership, He prepares us allowing someone who is like sandpaper to us.  It is amazing to read this.

When I was in my third year of teaching many years ago I was given a teammate who was the most awful example of a “caring teacher” I’ve ever witnessed since that year.  I had two fantastic teaching partners my first two years and they had taught me so much about the art of teaching.  This new partner threw mud right into the face of the art.  I have used examples of her behaviors so many times in the consulting work I now do.  I had never thought that God provided an intense learning opportunity for me that year.  I’ve always called it my nemesis year.  All those years ago God was allowing me to learn what the opposite of the art of teaching looked like so I could help others know what to do and what not to do.  Even in my secular work God is very present.  I can see that more clearly  now.  Thank you Father!

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