The Journey Continues: June 8, 2018

Today wraps up a work week that has been a continuous time of surprises seeing God working in multiple settings .  I was able to talk with my sis Bonnie last night and she sounded like a new person.  She knows nothing yet about her test results but it was good to talk with her while she felt so much better. My other sis in Calif. is coming this summer as of yesterday’s call.  She is being accompanied by her daughter.  Bonnie may come with them.  All we need is to get our third sister from Indiana and we will all be together for the first time since my brother Ralph’s funeral service four years ago.  With the waning health of some, it would be a blessing from God if this could materialize.

Yesterday morning as I arrived to the training I’ve been attending this week I walked into the auditorium to have standing right in front of me, the speaker who will come in July to work with our Idaho team of consultants.  I thanked him for his great work and availability to work with us.  He then invited me to come to his focused training next week in San Diego, Thursday and Friday.  he gave us tickets allowing us to attend and bypass the $700.00/person cost.  He also reserved rooms in the hosting hotel.  He is bringing together the leadership for the districts across our country on their next steps.  So, the state dept. lead and I will be attending this for our own state.  I just stand in awe of how God is opening up the doors we have needed to get this coming year’s work aligned with His Purposes.

Yesterday in my journaling I asked God what He wanted me to know from Him.  One thing He said that took me by surprise was that He’d healed me of my voices of self-doubt.  He wanted me to know He’d place a hedge of protection around my mind.  I thanked Him for this but I was reticent to write it.  However, this morning’s scripture had me reading about David’s assurance from God of His leadership in his life in spite of all the doubting family members he had about his being Israel’s next king, etc.  God wanted David to only trust Him and His leadership in his life and David did just that.  Joyce Meyer wrote a footnote in this saying how God had brought her to this point in her walk with Him and her ministry work.  I just felt confirmed that this is what God was telling me.  How affirming this is as well as humbling to know God cares intimately for each of us in this way.

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