The Journey Continues: June 9, 2018

This morning’s devotion showed me something I’ve longed to know and understand.  It started with a devotion by the Blackaby’s which was titled: Tempted as We Are.  It defines from scriptures:  Hebrews 2:18 and I Corinthians 10:13 how we can be tempted and God gives us a way of escape.  Then I was reading my scripture which was the end of I Samuel and the start of II Samuel.  Saul and three sons including Jonathan were killed.  When David was informed of this he mourned and led the mourning for all of his men.  Joyce Meyers writes a footnote about the importance of mourning and that God comforts those who mourn.  She goes on to say that if we keep in denial what we are to mourn we will have side effects which will lead to unhealth.

As I began to journal I wrote to God telling Him I’ve mourned the loss of my innocence but I still do have struggles with temptation and finding the way of escape as He promises.  I asked what I’m missing here?  It was quite incredible to have Him say, “I want you to back up.  Yes, you have grieved the loss of your childhood and the abuse of the child you were.  The physical abuse and sexual abuse were two things, but added to it them was the abuse mentally to who I created you to be.  No, you were not like your father or many of your brothers.  You learned to despise yourself for this and thought you were less than a man for this–thus you thought your own sexual use was due to this.  You now know this is a lie, but you have never found the love for the very one I created you to be.  This is what I want you to see.  Ephesians 2:10 says I created you as My masterpiece.  There is no mistake in this.”  He went on to tell me that believing the truth that I am a masterpiece adds the element of strength I’ve missed all this time.  It is now time for me to grab ahold of it.  This truth of character is part of the new creation God has given me.

I hope this makes some sense to you as a reader of this blog.  It is foundational for me.  I thank God for His patience as He continues to create in me (each of us) the new creation He gave to us as we accepted His Son Jesus into our hearts and received the Gift of The Holy Spirit into our lives.

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