The Journey Continues: June 12, 2018

It is incredible how God continuously uses man in all of his sinfulness to complete His work here on earth.  In spite of the man of God David had been, his life is filled with sin and its effect.  As David’s lust brought about the death of Uriah and the death of his infant child, later his son’s lust brought his own death from his brother Absalom.  I won’t go into all of this but it is found in II Samuel chapter 12-16.  It makes my heart hurt as I read this knowing this pattern of behavior is still deeply impacting man today.  Our sins cause us deep regret and its impact always hurts.  It is reading all of this, but also knowing the New Testament, that we today find the hope in Jesus Christ!

Joyce Meyer talks in one part where David’s son abuses his sister sexually.  She herself was abused by her father.  This impact caused her to believe many lies for many years about her own value.  I too know this bondage.  Yet, I too have learned that God is the only way out of this bondage.  What a loving God we serve to provide this freedom in spite of what man has done to man through his selfish sinfulness.

Jesus is our only answer!  One could easily get bogged down with the plights of man in the Old Testament, but praise be to God.  He provided a permanent means of escape from this bondage through His Son Jesus.  I am So Grateful!


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