The Journey Continues: June 15, 2018

God’s love and mercy never change, I know.  However, it is sometimes difficult to see and know it when the issues of man in this world are screaming around you.  I have written the past two days about this.  Last night our quartet was singing for a church group in Boise.  The theme of our message was Peace–Peace in the Midst of the Storm.  Ahead of time we prayed for this to be felt and known by all present.  We were singing several new songs so we weren’t singing with confidence like we’d want.  Instead, we surrendered ourselves in spite of this.  Well, as it turned out, The Holy Spirit was rich in presence.  The songs and our spoken words seemed to be just what was to take place.  The amazing thing too was that not only did the people present get blessed, so did we.  It was such a good reminder that every storm we encounter in life is already seen and addressed by God.  We don’t know what He knows, but He asks us to trust Him with our unknowns.  I want to keep growing in this area.

God is so good and so desires to make Himself known to us if we will stop for a moment, no matter the storm, and surrender whatever He shows us needs to be.

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