The Journey Continues: June 17, 2018

Yesterday I wrote that I was going to the garden to pick raspberries.  It would be there I hoped to find some sense of peace.  I had no more than stepped into the patch to start picking when my cell phone dinged.  It was a text from a friend in Celebrate Recovery who was responding to a message I’d sent to all the leadership a few days ago requesting everyone to be praying for one another.  God had nudged her to send the text.  I responded with the fact it was perfect timing as only God creates.

Today is Father’s Day.  As I look at the title of the day I do celebrate most my Heavenly Father.  For whatever reason it seems fathers are harder to have a relationship with than mothers.  Moms just love you regardless.  It seems fathers don’t have this natural instinct in most cases.  However, our Heavenly Father loves us regardless of who we are and what we have done or haven’t done.  Scripture repeatedly says this.  This is exactly why He had His Own Son–Jesus die for us and conquer the grave for us.  He loves us right where we are.

My family is coming today for a Father’s Day BBQ and homemade ice cream.  I am grateful for this.  In this day I will need to address a troubling situation.  My purpose is to expose it, not control it.  I want God to take control.  I pray the one involved will see the Light of God.  God told me this morning to praise Him.  I did this in my prayer time and I do it now.  As sick as I feel inside I know that God loves us and will give His Wisdom if we only step out of the way.

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