The Journey Continues: June 23, 2018

When four grandkids are spending the weekend there is a major change–noise.  They were in the pool most of the day.  As I was picking the raspberries all I could hear was their continuous laughter, screaming, etc.  The things one forgets too quickly are the enjoyment of eating around the table and the conversation that takes place as kids share their thoughts and feelings.  It really is fun and nostalgic.

Today as I continued reading in II Kings I read again how the children of Israel continue in their sin of worshipping gods rather than the One True God.  The leadership sets the stage for this action as almost every king of Israel falls into false worship.  It is so easy to read this and know the eventual outcomes.  It is also easy to see the sins as such.  However, when I step into looking at us today I realize how easy it is to step into false worship knowing all we do from the Bible.  We really are a self-serving people.  My devotion talked about Jesus’ leadership being that of a servant.  It is easy to see if we are drifting away from Christ’s leadership, we stop naturally serving others.  We fall into wanting to be served.  I appreciated having this brought to light.  It is a good barometer for monitoring oneself.

Today I pray to be God’s servant in the full capacity He wants.  Surrendering always to His leadership is my one and only purpose.

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