The Journey Continues: June 24, 2018

Today is such a beautiful day when one simply looks outside and listens.  The quiet only has the sound of birds close and in the not so distant.  There is no wind so the calm of the early morning is peaceful.  Yet, this morning, I told God my spirit is heavy.  It is as though doom is right here.  I read in II Kings about the continuous turning to other gods until God actually lets Israel go into the hands of the Assyrians who capture them and relocate them.  I begin to realize even more how Israel’s behavior is simply a nation modeling what we as individuals so often do–turn to false gods.  Satan removes us to the land of slavery where God’s freedom is  like a figment of one’s imagination.

My heart is heavy with the weight of the sin we are going to be addressing in our new ministries.  I know this weight personally and I know how hard it is to step out of this darkness (weight) for fear of what the Light of God might show and tell.  Yet, I also know the freedom of telling/sharing.  This freedom is far richer and greater than the darkness which is holding men hostage.  I wake up often with this weight seemingly within me.  During my prayer time I am able to surrender it/release it allowing God to replace it with TRUST in Him.  His Mighty Army is close by and He reminds me of this just as He showed Elisha’s servant.

Today is God’s day.  Today I worship You and Trust you not only for me but for those who do not yet know how to trust.  Satan is wanting us (me) to cave ahead of God’s Mighty display of power over sin.  I know this is one reason God wants me sharing the burden I sense/feel.  It is not mine to carry but it is mine to surrender and to tell others so they can be praying with me for these lost ones soon to be on their way to victory!

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