The Journey Continues: June 26, 2018

God is so focused on His Kingdom Work always.  And, just as I think I’m with Him in my journey’s work for the day I find it isn’t going as I planned.  My struggling granddaughter was going to junior high camp this week leaving yesterday.  However, as Kathy was taking her to the church she announced she didn’t feel well (a girl thing) and she didn’t want to go.  We finally gave her the option to wait and we will drive her up today, but it doesn’t look like that will happen either.  Kathy and I knew that “camp would be the right tool” to help her get a better perspective on life and God’s part in her life.  Well, God’s plan wasn’t ours.  I know He uses all things to His honor and glory so I wait to see what develops from this.

Today I’m working on the brochures we will use to advertise and promote the groups we will start this fall in the recovery ministry.  As I was having my devotional time this morning God was pointing out my need to listen to His Voice only.  He reminded me that my mind has many doubting voices which I’ve listened to out of fear all my life.  As we step into this new territory I will have multiple opportunities to listen wrongly.  He doesn’t want me doing that.  Actually, I don’t either.  It was nice to hear Him say to not listen to them.  I have those thoughts so often I rarely separate them out as being wrong.  However, God is making it clear just how much Satan is and will try to step into this to influence me (us) away from God’s intent.  I want to keep my ear focused on His Voice and His Message.

God is always on track and I want this journey of mine to be on track with Him too.  To God be all Glory for great things He has done and is going to continue doing as we (I) obey.

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