The Journey Continues: June 29, 2018

In an hour and 20 minutes my grandson Braylon is having his tonsils out.  I’m making this brief so Kathy and I can head to the hospital to be with him and his family.  He is 8 years old and has an unusual gift of tenderness towards God and His creation.  Since he accepted Christ into his heart a year ago I’ve watched him continue to be tender to God.  Listening to his prayers and simply watching his sincerity is most touching.

This morning as I was journaling I asked as I always to do what God wanted me to know from Him today.  It was another touching moment to have Him say, “Tell my son Braylon he is precious to me and I love him.”  So, that will be my message to him ahead of going into his surgery.  God is such an intimate, caring God.  This I’ve learned is for all of us, not just for some of us.

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