The Journey Continues: July 1, 2018

Well, 68 years ago today my dad and oldest brothers were fishing and my two oldest sisters helped deliver me in the doctor’s office in Homedale, Idaho.  I never have heard how many fish dad caught that day, but he did come home to his 10th big prize–ME!

I can write such a thing now.  It took a long, long time for me to know that dad loved me and even admired me.  It also took me even longer to begin to love myself since I had always thought dad didn’t love or admire anything about me.  It was my Heavenly Father who has brought me to my personal understanding of value.  This tremendously great Father for whom we all share, has created each of us with love and purpose.  He has gifted us differently to fulfill His purposes.  These past few days of God focusing me on the damage of my personal pride trying to protect me and my need to let all of that go, has now allowed me to see how much more fulfilling life is knowing God Almighty is my protector and true Father.  This I can take great pride in!

I’m so grateful for God my Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  Along with this I’m equally grateful for The Holy Spirit.  I’m just beginning to have a clearer understanding of His importance in me.  I truly want to grow in knowing this Precious Gift God has given me and each of us as we accept Christ into our heart.  The greatest gift of all–birthday or not.

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