The Journey Continues: July 2, 2018

Getting older is not the issue as much as getting older and losing our attachment to life around us.  With all my grandkids it is harder to do all the things they do while playing.  However, what I can do is watch and talk with them about their play and keep emotionally attached.  Staying interested in who they are is most important.  This I want to do for each of them.

This journey in life has some awakenings which I need to adjust to.  Keeping details in my memory is one of them.  It hit me as I was going to bed last night what I need to get done for a couple important projects forthcoming with our recovery ministry.  My wife already is good at keeping her list either in her phone or on paper.  I am not as good at doing this but I need to begin.  Giving in to being older and its side effects is not something I’m ready to accommodate nor do I think I should.

God’s presence is all around us which includes His work.  This connection to our family is critical in God’s Kingdom Work.  I want to keep it healthy but also directly doing what God prompts.  Right now He is simply saying to stay connected with each of them from the littlest to the oldest.

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