The Journey Continues: July 5, 2018

There is nothing like a house full of company from morning until after dark to drain all energy.  The day yesterday was fun and filled with friends and family.  The pool was filled with kids, grandkids and friends.  The sounds coming from it are what motivate me to keep it.  I need those reminders that the work of maintaining it is worth the effort.

My energy level this morning wasn’t its typical–lets get things going.  I felt more like the need for some rest was in order.  As I did my scripture reading God is still making it clear that He only honors what is done from a heart seeking after Him.  He is truly patient giving man opportunities over and over to come to Him, but in the end, if man doesn’t, He will let the ways of man have their consequences.

As I began to journal all my fears of the upcoming ministry classes hit me again.  I asked God about these fears of mine and He simply said that the fears are reflective of my thinking I am the one in charge of them.  My insecurities are embedded in this ownership thinking.  When I release this thinking to the reality that God is in charge and I am on assignment doing what He wants me doing to facilitate their development, I move freely.  I needed to be reminded of this yet again.  Then I reread what God had provided in the way of additional help for us on Tuesday.  Only two days later I’m feeling insecure again.  I hate admitting I have all the weaknesses of man.  God is pointing out to me that I have always compared myself to dad.  Now He is showing me that when I take my focus off of dad and onto Him I can have continued confidence when I let go of “control”.  He doesn’t want me leading to control, but leading from obedience to Him.

Man is flawed–flesh is flawed and has its many weaknesses.  However, God looks at our hearts.  Just read through I & II Samuel, I & II Kings and I & II Chronicles to see how God only blessed them according to their hearts towards Him.  This practice of God is still the same today.  He honors our sensitive hearts knowing He will fight all the battles, for these battles are spiritual ones.  I choose today to keep my heart focused on these truths.

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