The Journey Continues: July 4, 2018

LET FREEDOM RING!  From the roof tops to the mountaintops, to the valley and even to the cripple’s wheelchair.  Freedom is for all.  In II Chronicles I’ve finished today reading to the 12th chapter.  In them David and Solomon have ruled and the evidence of their commitment to God is everywhere.  Then Rehoboam arrives, the kingdom splits and the strength of the country quickly weakens as the Egyptians come and rob the country and start to make vassals of it.  I can read a hundred years of biblical history in a half hour.  That’s 40% of our country’s entire history.  Just in my lifetime I’ve witnessed our country’s pinnacle of strength and then the beginning of its decline.  It all has to do with our leadership’s focus on God alone.  Not any god, but the One True God who gave us His Son Jesus who died and rose again!  As our focus shifts to other gods and to man’s ways, bondage sets in.

Yesterday I had told you about my fear of assembling benches.  As I got to the church they were going to have plenty of help assembling so I was given something I can do well–clean.  I washed down no less than 50 metal doors, 150 chairs and then mopped floors.  That is what I can do well.  The blessing I encountered was having a couple volunteers present who can and will give assistance to our new recovery program.  One is a licensed counselor who recently retired.  She has a partner who is still practicing and his forte is sexual addiction.  They agreed to meet with our group leaders to give us stronger backgrounds in the areas we will address.  Since the one has retired, she is gifting many of her books to our ministry’s work.   Also, I’m able to take a 4 week training on facilitating groups on abuse.  This will be on-line.  I’ll do this with one of the other group leaders.  It was a wonderful day where all I wanted to do is get through it and instead, God gave many blessings.

Freedom comes from obedience first and foremost.  The obedience for us is first of all to God and His leadership in our life.  Bondage comes when our obedience shifts to selfishness and obeying what man’s ways say which misalign with God’s ways.  Each one of us has to do this personally for our daily living and then we have to help our communities and country do the same through our influence daily living.  For me, God wants me helping others find their personal freedom from bondage which is gripping them.  God continues to make this Light shine brightly.


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