The Journey Continues: July 21, 2018

Today is a most precious day.  Today our family will come together for our final dinner and fun.  There has already been a great deal of laughter and fun through the week.  God, earlier before everyone had arrived last weekend, had laid on my heart the need to check in with my family about their spiritual life.  I have known torment for so long and tried to hide it for so long, also know that my siblings do the same at times.  I also have learned that no one is without their own spiritual torment.  This is just something Satan does to try and keep us off track.

I’ve inwardly struggled all this week wondering what God wanted me to say?  I’ve talked with my youngest brother and sister to have them praying for today as well as to know I’d be opening this door as we meet today.  They were in favor of this because we know even our oldest living siblings carry their own bondage from childhood.  So, this morning as I was having my devotions I began to journal asking God what He wanted me to know about this afternoon?  I knew he wanted a window opened widely for the Light of His Holy Spirit to shine through, but what do I say or do to open it?  It was amazing to hear Him say to simply talk about His Compassion.  To do this simply talk about the mates He has given to each of us.  Three of my siblings have lost their mates, but all of us will know that the mate God gave us truly completes us.  When I wrote this I stopped and wept.  I immediately knew this was the window for today.

God is such an amazing, compassionate God.  He is Almighty King of the universe.  Yet, this One True God loves us intimately and personally.  It has taken me so long to understand this.  I know too that I will grow in this as long as I’m still here on this earth for God’s immense compassion and love cannot be fully grasped with our finite minds and hearts.  How I love Him and thank Him for my family.

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