The Journey Continues: July 20, 2018

Yesterday’s journey was a time to awaken to a couple things I believe God wanted me to see and experience.  Three important things were taking place in the day:  the training for the upcoming consulting work with low performing schools, Celebrate Recovery night, and our family’s reunion dinner at one of my brother’s home.  I stayed for all the training but left immediately to get to the worship practice for CR.  As soon as CR’s worship was done I left to get to the family.  In doing this I was unable to recap the day with the ones present, I was unable to associate with my share group or even hear the testimony shared in the evening and I walked into my family’s conversation cold to all that had taken place.  None of this was wrong, but I felt incomplete because one cannot know the relational connections unless one is present.

This morning God was showing me how important relationships are.  They cannot be controlled only by my wishes/wants/needs.  If I don’t stay present with the ones I’m working with or socializing with, there will not ever be a deeper trust and relationship with them.  I know that yesterday was an unusual day but I needed to see the importance of this relational disconnect.  I’ve lived my whole life pulling out to get to the “next important thing”.  God seems to be wanting me to know He wants me going deeper with my connections and staying put.  This is true for my connections with Him as well as with the people He puts in my path of work or leisure.  (I’m also reading Job right now.  I sure don’t want to be the kind of friend who judges the way Job’s friends were doing with him).  God is Amazing!  I sure want to serve Him well.

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