The Journey Continues: July 24, 2018

Today is the birthday for my oldest living sis as well as the birthday for the brother who abused me throughout my childhood.  We celebrated my sis’s birthday when we had our Saturday dinner together.  My brother’s birthday wasn’t mentioned in the day that I recall.  I use to squelch it from mind but today I can write about it without the pain of the past.  I’m so grateful for that.  In fact, I can recall some fun times with him.

This seems to be a loose ends week.  This coming Sunday we are starting the recovery ministry work with a kick-off speaker at church.  He is from a group in Portland, OR called Pure Desire.  It deals with men struggling with a sexual addiction.  The gentleman coming is a pastor who had his own private struggle.  I don’t know all of his story, but God is now using him to help churches come out of denial regarding this toxic sin.  I’ve asked the speaker to also address the other topics our recovery ministry is including.  He is going to address all of this from the line of sexual brokenness rather than sexual addiction only.  He said that would be easy for him to do.  The next six Sundays we will be conducting a Sunday School class that will familiarize attendees of the need for help if someone is struggling.  At the end of the 6 weeks, we will be starting the recovery ministry classes.  With all of this, I seem to have all these details going through my head to ensure all goes well.  God was quick to remind me He is in charge and I am just to do my part.  I can let the anxiety go.  (He does seem to know me all too well!)

Summer is still fully in place and there is much to still enjoy about it:  grandkids swimming and screaming, some more birthdays, friends coming in for my 50 year high school reunion this Saturday, and more.  There is also the fruit of the summer with garden produce.  I certainly won’t forget this for it is the highlight of summer for me.  I struggle blending assignments like all the recovery work with the pleasure of living in the summer.  I tend to make everything an assignment removing much of the joy.  Instead, I want to look at all of it as joy.  Just writing this helps me to smile about the upcoming recovery work.  It is a joy to be involved and anticipate what God is doing and will be doing.  I love Him for this!

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