The Journey Continues: July 25, 2018

Today my youngest granddaughter turns one year old.  We will celebrate it on Sunday.  What a sweet one she is!

Yesterday I had a meeting with a life coach–someone who wants to consider working with interested individuals who will come to our recovery classes and desires to have a person come along side helping them take steps.  It is similar to a sponsor in Celebrate Recovery, but this position has a good deal of training behind it.  She is able to step into these troubled areas of addiction, homosexuality, low self-esteem and more.  She has her own story which adds to the strength of her work.

As my day went on I found myself becoming more and more troubled with the recovery work feeling unfit for it and tempted to step out for good.  I know in my head I won’t do this but the feelings are strong.  In my facilitator training I’m doing on-line right now the author of it stated that abuse victims often have trouble taking a lesson we understand in our head and taking it to our heart–our spirit level and applying it there (how we believe).  I resonate with this but was helpless to know how to remedy this.

Tied to yesterday, this morning I asked God what he wanted me to know for today?  He gave me a mental picture I will hang onto for the rest of my life.  He said that choice–the gift He gave man, is a most powerful tool.  Satan takes it and abuses it well with people who abuse and then to the victim who is abused.  For the abused he makes one feel as though you have no choice and adds to it making you think you are only good for abuse.  I know in my head the lies of this very well.  In tempting times like yesterday Satan does his best to manipulate me into choosing self-gratification to feel better.  This morning God talked to me about His Weapon He has given.  It is the Sword of the Spirit.  I KNOW about this sword.  He reminded me to take the Sword He has given and turn it towards the enemy and pierce this dark thinking (temptation).  You can do this with scriptural promises.  God showed me that when I choose yielding to temptation I’ve taken the sword and turned it inward piercing my own heart.  This keeps me or anyone injured and it feeds the wounded soul I am.  I loved seeing me able to use the Sword of the Spirit in this way.  I’m not only going to do this, I want to pass this picture along to those I know who struggle just as I do.  God is such a blessed Savior and Friend.

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